Celebrating one year of Adviser Connect with our top ten articles

A year has passed since the launch of Adviser Connect and to mark the occasion we have gathered the top ten most read Adviser Connect articles from the last year. That our most-read post was one on the value of professional financial advice is a sign that we are all working towards providing the best possible service to clients.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help towards the success of our blog so far and encourage you to submit any comments or article subject requests to adviserconnect@russellinvestments.com

oneone The value of professional financial advice

In our Russell Academy program, we focus on adviser value in a number of areas: client segmentation, service level design, professional referrals, to name a few. However there is one topic that will reliably come up, and reveal very different schools of thought: adviser charging. Read more.

oneone Where to now that we have a Brexit vote?

Later this morning, Jenny Watson, the Chair of the Electoral Commission, will conclude the UK referendum on EU membership by announcing the result in favour of a decision to leave the EU. This historic moment brings to an end the referendum process but simply heralds a new chapter of uncertainty for the UK and the EU. Read more.

oneone What does August’s volatility really mean for investors?

It’s likely not escaped your attention that the past few weeks have seen increased volatility and sell-offs across global markets. Emerging markets bore the brunt initially, as growing concerns over the economic slowdown in China put a downward pressure on commodity markets and emerging market currencies. Read more.

oneone Feeling rattled by the markets? Consider yourself normal!

The markets so far this year have left many feeling rattled. In this guest blog Tim Noonan provide some insights to help calm worried clients. Read more.

oneone I need your clients, your business and your ISA: Robo Advice is coming

The Financial Conduct Authority has proclaimed that they are prepared for ‘robo advice’ models; a new way of delivering financial advice in a low cost, efficient manner, primarily through a technological platform. Robo advice is nothing new; two of the major players in the US have been around since 2008 and one more well-known outside the US has been around since 1975. Read more.

oneone What is Client Service?

Client service is key to advisers, so we asked our client service team here at Russell to give their top tips in this guest blog post. When you do an online image search for client service, you will find pictures of staff wearing headsets and people smiling. Much weight is given to the importance of client service and rightfully so. Read more.

oneone 2016 Global market outlook: A tussle between bulls and bears?

As we start 2016, it appears both those who are bullish or bearish on the world’s economies have something to say in their favour. A bullish scenario would see better-than-expected business news led by strength in the U.S. economy and the belief the U.S. Federal Reserve will continue to raise interest rates very gradually. This is what we think is most likely to happen in 2016. Read more.

oneone A new generation of potential clients

Historically, advisers have a tendency to focus on getting clients that fit a certain profile and let’s not be coy about this; the profile is pretty heavily skewed to ‘wealth right now,’ rather than ‘wealth in years to come.’ This isn’t a criticism of that acquisition model as such, after all the wealthier your clients are right now the better your business is likely to do right now. Read more.

oneone Short term volatility and long term planning

Everyone feels rattled when stock-markets drop suddenly and unexpectedly. When the markets get messy like this, generally it’s because investors (institutional as well as retail) lose confidence. No matter how well portfolios are positioned, we must acknowledge that stock-markets can sometimes go down via the elevator and come back up via the staircase. Read more.

oneone The Russell 10/30/60 Retirement Rule

For much of your working life, you focus on saving for retirement. But research shows that 60% of your investment earnings can come from post-retirement returns – which means that developing a retirement plan that keeps your portfolio growing after you retire is just as crucial to your financial health as saving for retirement during your working years. Read more.